Sunday, August 22, 2021


In this crazy lockdown world, my workplace has been enccouraging weekly gatherings online to share work updates, news and keep everyone connected. One of the recent developments to the agenda, has been the addition of a career highlight story. Individuals are invited to share something about themselves and their career. Its a really nice way of staying connected, and getting to know your team better. Although, it was my turn this week. With a career as long and varied as mine, I had to reflect on alot of things to find something to share with my peers.. it was emotionally challenging.

This week i am also embarking on a new course, online... focusing on women in leaadership. But whats different about this course is that it will be focusing on self in leadership... self acceptance, self management and self development.

I am proposing tou se this blog as my weekly reflection on these learnings, if i dont get too busy... which is my way, and to some extent, my distraction...

Authenticity — which can be described as a healthy alignment between your values and behaviors — is a powerful factor in the lives of women.

At this stage in my life journey, as i am more and more in roles of leading people, leadinv programs and strategy, i am seeking to ensure that alignment of values and behaviour. What i know about myself is that when that alignment is out of whack, i loose bits of me to stress... and the balance of sleep, nutrition,  activity, social connection, spiritual reflection, and ability to pause.

This week, colouring in has braught me to pause.. podcasts give me external connection and inspiration, and im readying myself for the 6 week program on women and leadership... 



Jeanie said...

I think it's wonderful that you're doing this course and the team sharing sounds interesting and fun. The blog is a perfect spot to use for some of your thoughts on this.

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