Monday, June 14, 2021

Sign up to join Paris in July 2021

What does Paris mean to you? 

"Paris is alluring for so many reasons — the incredible culinary adventures you can have, its lens into history through its architecture and art museums, its walkability and world-class shopping. There is a lot to see and do in Paris and first-timers can have a hard time fitting it all in. "

Here, at Paris in July blogging central, we are connecting you with other lovers of Paris through the month long blogging event. Over the past 10 years, participants have used this event to post about new recipes, favourite holiday memories, best books on Paris, set in Paris, about Parisiennes, music from Paris, best cocktails found in Paris, favourite walks in Paris.... almost anything about Paris or France. 

We cant really go to Paris right now, but here we will share many different sides of our love of french things, and Paris. 

Below I will share the Sign up Mr Linky. The widget will allow you to share you first Paris in July post, so this is a good time for you to outline some of your hopes and dream and intentions for the event.  Then during July,  most sundays, I will post a weekly Mr Linky for you to share links to your contributions.  This means, you will be able to easily follow others in Paris in July, and share your love.  At the end of July, I will do my best to provide a summary and links.  

My intentions

  • invite some friends to offer a guest post here at Thyme-for-Tea
  • a visit to Sydney Opera House to see Le Petite Prince
  • a teen novel about love and all things Paris
  • learning more about the history of Paris
  • celebrating le quatorze juliet
  • reliving Amelie, the movie
  • trying to read more in French. 

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Brona said...

I've been looking forward to this for weeks :-)
Will post something a bit closer to July.

Mel u said...

Once again, happy to be a participant in your great event

Jeanie said...

I have no idea what I'll write about but I'm happy to join in!

NancyElin said...

Paris in July will be special this year....
...finally back to normal in The Netherlands after
a long lockdown.
Looking forward to ESCAPNG to Paris...or anything French
and enjoying everyone's blogposts during this reading challenge!
Thanks for hosting.

Marianne said...

What a wonderful idea. I have always loved Paris, I love French, and I'm looking forward to travelling again (though with all this Covid around, I'd rather wait a little) so this is the right challenge for me. Thanks!

Marianne said...

I have just posted my Paris in July announcement. Hopefully, others will join in.

JoAnn said...

July will be a busy month for me, but I've posted my potential reading list and hope to read at least two or three of them. Thanks for hosting again!

stacybuckeye said...

Looking forward to this!

Nadia said...

I'm so excited for this - thank you!!

vvb32 reads said...

Thanks for hosting this wonderful event :-)