Sunday, July 12, 2015

Paris in July - Summary of an amzing collection of Posts

Thank you to everyone who's contributed to Paris in July so far - we have been on an Amazing Journey in the past 12 days! Imaging what is to come. If you're new to Paris in July, Please feel free to join in any time this month. If you sign in at the original Mr Linky post, I'll get your link to my side bar. Each week, I am trying to put up a new Mr Linky for this weeks posts, so everyone can find out what's happening.

This, being my first summary post, goes back to the start of the month.What I have found most exciting has been the huge variety of the posts, yet surprisingly there are some cross overs, where books are appearing on several blogs. I apologise if I have missed something, but the list is sooo huge.... I'm trying to capturing it all.
  • Books or Authors reviewed by more than one blogger include:
    • The Red Notebook - reviewed by books as food, The Novel World, a Bookish way of life.
    • the Festival of Insignificance - reviewed by a bookish way of life and a guiltless reader
    • Guy de Maupassant - by Dolce Bellezza, the Reading Life, Lakeside Musing. 
  • Other Books Reviewed
    • Lisettes List and a Sweet Life in Paris (David Lebovitz) - by Faith, Hope & Cherrytea
    • Mavis Gallant's short stories, The Parisian Stage and Mildred Larsson (George More) - by the Reading Life
    • Dimache (Nemirovsky), Madame Chic, the French Beauty Salon - by The Novel World
    • Murder on the Ilse Sordue, and Scarlet and Black (Stendhal) - by Dolce Bellezza
    • The Reader on the 6.27 - by the Genteel Arsenal
    • Doodling in French - by My Cozy Book Nook
    • The Cost of Courage (about the German occupation) - Words and Peace
    • The Books of Salt (the Vietnamese cook of Gertrude Stein) - by Biona's Books
  • Films reviewed
    • Madam Bovary (2014 Version) - by The Genteel Arsenal
    • My Old Lady - by Arti at Ripple Effects
    • A documentary of Paris from 1905 - 1930's - by The Novel World 
    • Delicacy (Audrey Tatou) - by Books as Food
  • Travel and memories of travel posts
    • Four smaller museums of Paris - The Gypsy Marmalade
    • Other lesser known museums of Paris - the Genteel Arsenal
    • Musee du Quay Bronly - by Mae
    • favourite Restaurants around Nerac, fr - by write
    • The Louvre - ReaderBuzz
    • Gainterie du Marche, and Almira and Algerian Pastry Shop in Paris - by Chocolate and Croissants
    • Shopping in the Marais - a visit by Maggie of the Normandy Life
    • Visiting the travelling french exhibition - in Lego!  By The Content Reader
    • Magical Monmatre - by The Gypsy Marmalade 
    • A love affair with Paris - The Eclectic Reader
  • Other interesting posts
    • Crepes - the children's book and a book App! by Readerbuzz
    •  French Language App - a Strong Belief in Wicker
    • 10 ways to bring Paris in You - A Wondering Life
    • The Paris Themed Bathroom and Shopping in the Markets -Fun with This and That
  • Food and recipes
    • Tatin de Legumes by 
  • Personal Post with significance
    • Paulita at the Accidental Blog tells us that her husband may loose his job soon - horrible news - but they may move the France then - exciting possibilities. 

Little Awards this week - Just because I can - I'm awarding two awards

  1. On the character of Paris - to Mae on her post of Musee du Quay Brinly 
  2. The experience of Paris - to Maggie at The Normandy Life for her shopping in the Marais. 
 Drop me a line with a postal address and I'll send you a little gift.
 This week at Paris in July has been a real Degustation!

I'll post the new Mr Linky very soon. 


Jeanie said...

What a remarkable list of fascinating sounding posts! I have a lot to catch up on!

Esme said...

Merci!!!. There are some interesting posts.

Paulita said...

Tamara, Thanks for summing everything up so we know whose blogs to get to first.