Sunday, May 4, 2014

International Permaculture Day!

Today is International Permaculture Day - a day to celebrate and remember the small and yet powerful contrbutions all permaculturalists pay in taking care of our earth. For me, it is a day of rest from my commuting lifestyle to the big city, and a day of rest means playing in the garden. I told my man this morning, I will celebrate by working in the garden, then I corrected myself - I will celebrate by going out to watch my garden - because in a permaculture garden, there's not alot to do for maintaining it.

Today, Becs at Think Big, Live Simple, has launched a lovely way to celebrate I P Day - she's giving away really helpful things. All she's asking for participants to do is answer the question “What interests you most about Permaculture?”

My answer is about the circle of life. I believe that humans are part of a bigger picture, and that our spirituality and existence is linked to all aspects of the living earth. Permaculture principles marry together the practical, spiritual, political and social aspects of these beliefs. In permaculture garden design, we try and bring all the elements of the cycle of life together, to allow the natural environment to care for itself and us. If we are all interconnected by our actions, and joined to the environment by our needs and responsibilities, then the cycle of life demands we care, contribute, respect and share. That's what interests me...

Todays' harvests include Rhubarb, guava's, lemons, mandarins, Loofa's (Asian gourde) and mini eggplants. Spinach and Lettuce are still productive and tomatoes are slowing down but still there. A hand of banana's is trying to ripen on the palm, but I think it's coming inside soon to be supervised.
 Todays harvest 
Mandies, Loofas, Lemons, Guava (Basket) & Rhubarb
Also featured here is our new stainless steel compost bucket!
 Leeks are just loving the change in season
Maybe difficult to determine - but most of the greenery here is
Warrigal Greens - a native spinach. 
 Loofa hanging on the vine
Loofa flower
My little International Permaculture Day gift to myself is an annual subscription to PIP, the Australian Permaculture Magazine.

I hope that you come across something from a permaculture garden or the permaculture principles some time this week :)

Living simply, that others might simply live


Jeanie said...

I find this post, as I do o many of yours, fascinating. Your garden is splendid. Rick's peas are about an inch or two high and we're seeing plant bursts and of course bulbs. But it will be rather a long while before the weather warms up to put the seedlings at my window (woefully dark, I fear) into the ground or bigger pots. But time will come along.

I can imagine you will have quite a wonderful feast!

Becs :: Think Big. Live Simply said...

I only just got to here to comment - thank you for the mention! I love the way you have described permaculture, so very true that it's all about connection isn't it? x