Saturday, April 26, 2014

Indian Girls getting an education - you can help!

These beautiful girls live at Barathi Girls Hostel and attend Thiruchuli High School

And these lovely girls attend the 
KGBV Residential School for girls 
aged 10-14yrs in Narikudi, Tamil Nadu.

Both the Barathi Girls Hostel (more than 50 residents now) and the KGBV School (104 students) are managed by ODAM india. I am a long time supporter of ODAM, after volunteering there since 2007.  Fundraising is just part of what I do to help. 

My friends and I are now doing a fundraising activity that you can join in with. We are selling these A $10 vouchers that entitle you to order a canvas print. There is an additional delivery costs (but that's set at one price for anywhere in the world).

To purchase your voucher (which is essentially a unique identifying number on the voucher for your online purchase), you just need to email me, so I can send you our bank account details or you can pay through PayPal. When you have paid into the account, I will email you the number you need to order your canvas print. It's that easy!

While the vouchers says 'only one per customer' - you can purchase multiple vouchers to give away to others to use. What a great mothers day gift!

Thank you for your support


Jeanie said...

What a wonderful thing to do. I remember your posts about India and working with the girls. Inspiring.

Harishjay said...

Nice charity in India