Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Currently reading

So here's the honest truth - I'm not reading. But these are the open books on my kindle at the moment. Well not Right & Wrong - that's a real book that a friend has loaned me.
According to my Kindle, I'm 34% through Questions of Travel, 10% through the Signature of things, and I'm up to Chapter 4 of Right and Wrong. I'm thinking about starting the Inheritance of Loss to see if it inspires me more.

So for the Easter Weekend, we're staying home, doing some home reno projects, gardening, mountain biking and I'm going to read! Something! I'm going to reward myself (haven't decided yet what with) when I finish something this week.

Hope you have some lovely reading time this week too :)


Bellezza said...

I could not get into The Inheritance of Loss. But, I did love The God of Small Things if that's any help. Probably not...best to you over your Easter intentions, and surely a chocolate rabbit, or bit of some kind, would be a suitable reward.

Jeanie said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend! I just finished The Goldfinch. After that, I need a break -- something light, fast and fun!

Happy Easter!