Saturday, May 17, 2014

Slow and Simple

This week I've been on holidays, but not my usual holidays. I'm usually one to take leave from work for something special, a family event, an overseas holiday, or a retreat. This week I just hung out at home.  I was feeling a little out of sorts because of this - until I watched this interview

In the video, Brooke talks about moving to the slow life - she talks about decluttering - not just the house, but the social schedule, the head, and the busyness. That is what my week of leave has been all about - decluttering my head.

It's amazing what can be achieved when the hectic work, commute, social and other wise full days are slowed right down. So, borrowing a list from 'Think Big, Live Simple' - this is what I've been up to...

Making:   My photo album from my holiday to Christmas Island in 2012 - reliving the memories.
Cooking:     Lots of different dishes with Loofa (Asian Gourde) and Pumpkins. Really like this Asian soup recipe
Reading:  Lots of articles associated with my course on cooperation in the contemporary world - an international relations online course.
Enjoying:   Sunny days, drinking tea and sitting in the garden
Waiting:    for Paris in July to start!
Wondering:  if I will actually be able to do the 100km bike ride I've sign up for on Sunday?
Loving:   the little sleep ins you can have when you don't have to go to work.
Hoping:   I can loose that last 2 kgs before my Dad's 70th birthday and the family reunion that is associated with that...
Wearing:  my oldest daggiest jeans when Im home in the garden - no bra and no shoes!
Following: The Giro d'Italia - this means late nights here in Ozland!
Noticing:  that the man isn't coping very well with the late nights either! The Giro d'Italia is a bike race that goes for 2 weeks.... it's just a practice run for the Tour de France - which is 3 weeks!
Knowing: that the slow life is actually OK, and that my lack of engagement in the outside world this week has been good for me.
Thinking:  about the curtains we need to get in the lounge room to help manage our passive heating, and how much curtains cost!
Giggling:  at the dog, who doesn't understand why I'm getting up at midnight.
Feeling:  a little apprehensive about going back to work, and more apprehensive about tomorrows bike ride!

Have a good week everyone.


Tamara said...

Just a quick update from me - did the 100km bike ride in 3 hours 40mins - feeling very happy with myself.

Jeanie said...

Cannot tell you HOW much I love this post. It sounds you are doing exactly what you both want and need to do! I don't see Giro here, but the Tour of California is going on ... as of yesterday, Wiggins was leading but you never know -- it wasn't that far off the mark!

Enjoy -- I loved your list!