Friday, August 6, 2010

Paris in July - Participant List 2010

Karen and I enjoyed immensely, hosting the inaugural Paris in July Experience. Before I re-arrange my blog, I wanted to archive this information in my challenges page.
Karen and I took turns in posting the weekly wrap ups and choosing the winners.
  1. Tamara did a pre-event challenge, and the winners were Amy at Timeless Romance and Chasing Bawa.
  2. Tamara did week one wrap up and the winner was Sara at Wordy evidence of the fact
  3. Karen did week two wrap up and the winner was Sabrina at Think about loud!
  4. Tamara did week three wrap up and the winner was Anni at Almost Insider
  5. Karen did the final wrap up and the winners were Sara at Wordy evidence of the fact and Frances at nonsuch books.
Now I'm going to list all the participants: A bookish way of life, A few of my favourite books, Almost Insider, Bookgirls nightstand, Books as food, Buried in Print, Chasing Bawa, Chat Noir, Coffee and bookchick, Dolce Bellezza, Enchanted by Josephine, Farmlane Books, The Feminist texan reads, Flowers and Stripes, I love to read, Lakeside Musing, Loving Books, Lynda's bookblog, My porch, My cozy book nook, My spring show, Nonsuch Books, Once, oh marvelous once, Paperback reader, Random Ramblings, Recovery Artist, Synch-ro-ni-zing, The adventures of an intrepid reader, The boston bibliophile, The captive reader, The literary stew, The marmalade gypsy, The reading life, Thinking about loud!, Third storey window, Timeless romance, Truth, beauty, freedom and books, Wishin' I knew how to blog, Wordy evidence of the fact.

In Karen's final wrap up, we've indicated we'll be keen to see you all again for Paris in July 2011! Hope you can join us then.

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Unknown said...

I feel really bad that I forgot to come back and post here. I did take pics of a recent shop that opeed here with a french feel and thought I must pst before end of July..naughty me! Oh well I will have to wait till next year!!

Am off on a holiday soon and although not going to Europe I will be in London and have booked the eurostar trian jsut to go over to Paris for the day so how cool is that!

take csre and enjoy your reading and blogging