Sunday, November 16, 2008

Preferring other places

Boat harbour in Naxos, Greece
Friday Night I had a delightful evening with friends, champagne and a sunset by the lake with live music. That was followed by a stunning lightning show and then a spectacular audio storm. Since then it's been a rather grey weekend, overcast today, and not much fun in the garden. So I've been dreaming of other places and looking through my scrapbooks and photo albums. This time last year I was on an extended break from work and travelling OS. I was lucky enough to have friends to spend time with in Greece, and a few weeks with my partner in France. I then travelled to India to teach English at a school for girls who had been rescued from working in factories from as young as 4yrs old. I also had the joy of then travelling to Japan with my 17yr old niece. I just love looking at my photo's and remembering all the highs and lows of discovering more about the world I live in. I have since made ongoing commitments to continuing to learn French as a second language, to learn more about other cultures, and to continue to support ODAM in their work with women and girls in India.

I'm currently reading Sarah Paretsky's 'Fire Sale', but desperately waiting for some other Murakami novels, which I've had to order, to come into the local bookstore. More about books later in the week....(especially if it keeps raining and stays grey!)

Sunset on Naxos


Karen said...

I completely understand the dreaming about other places! Dave and I are off to the vineyards this weekend with my parents and we will be doing some planning for our trip next year.

Unknown said...

I love Greece, though havent been to Naxos,,,

and pandora bracelets,,,got one at xmas..I will have to keep an eye out for the Paris one,,,