Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kreativ Award - merci mon amie!

Merci Beaucoup Karen, Quel honneur!! Well it's certainly been my lucky week. Monday night I discovered that I had won the Murakami Diary from Dolce Bellezza Blogsite. Tuesday I won 2nd prize in the office sweeps for the Melbourne Cup. Now I discover I've been awarded the Kreative Award by Karen at Bookbath blogsite. The first two prizes were almost a matter of luck - as long as I entred the competitions I had a chance. But this award - I didn't even know about it. That's why it's such an honour for me.
Now along with the award, there's a meme. I have to complete this and forward the award to others. Here goes:

7 things I did before
1. Youth Work
2. Read the bible
3. Turn the heater on too much
4. Use new paper in the printer
5. Buy vegetables
6. Watch 'Neighbours'
7. Avoid books

7 things I do now
1. Read
2. Garden
3. J'etudie la langue francaise
4. Recycle, Re-use and Reduce
5. Try to exercise 4 times a week
6. J'ecoute la radio francaise sur le weekend

7 things I want to do
1. Ride 'mon velo' along the route de tour de france
2. Live in France
3. Teach children how to grow food
4. Volunteer with women and children in India (again)
5. Live simply
6. Continue to enjoy reading
7. Love and be loved

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. Strength
2. Company
3. Shared love of food
4. Adventure
5. The 'fix it' skills
6. Conversation (different ways of seeing the world)
7. Massages

7 Favorite Foods
1. Merlot (does that count?)
2. Le Fromage (any sort)
3. Cake
4. Lamb Shanks with mash potato
5. Prawns and Champagne (by the lake)
6. Atlantic Salmon (preferably farmed)
7. Cornflakes

7 things I Say Most Often:
1. It's time to get up.
2. Do you want a cuppa?
3. I'll send it to you (email)
4. Do you have homework to do?
5. Bon Jour!
6. Bon Soir!
7. are there any emails for me?

And now the seven people I would like to tag for this award and meme:

1.Jess at This Delicious Solitude because she does such amazing book reviews and often. And she loves french stuff too.
2. Dolce Belleza because she is an amazing multi skills and many dimensional lady who has creatively engaged me in reading outside my zone.
3.Laura from Reading Reflections who recently completed an awesome read-a-thon that lasted 13.75 hours, where she read 823 pages in a total of 825 minutes. She demonstrates creativity in her approach to reading...
4.A fondness for reading, because she is truly creative in her life - knitting, teaching second grade and blogging. And the photo's she uses are inspiring and provoking.
5.The Kingfisher Scrapbook because she's a clever and amazing person who also keeps the blog a longing for the impossible where she displays more from her Poisoned Pen - her words and poetry are truly creative.
6.Stuff as dreams are made on because I thinks it's really creative to have an obsession with bookmarks, and the book reviews are engaging and provoking.
7. The crafty soul at A readers Journal because I love the hats!

Now they get to pass on the award to some blogs they admire.....


Bellezza said...

Oh, thank you for this fun award! You wrote such sweet things which mean a lot to me. I'm glad that you had such a great week; it's nice to have three good things in a row.

jem said...

Thanks so much for your award, I'm truly pleased that you like my sites. I don't tend to pass these awards on, but thanks anyway, and for luring me to your blog and to those others that you mentioned in this post.

Booklogged said...

Thanks for the award, Tamara. I'll let you now when I post about it.

Love your blog.

roxanestoner said...

Atlantic farmed Salmon??? Sorry I live in Alaska. Also I hope you won't mind me too much helping you with your french. You might want to say "J'ecoute la radio francaise pendant le weekend" (during) instead of "J'ecoute la radio francaise sur le weekend". It is just the way it is said in France. Also you want to say "Ride mon velo along the route du Tour de France". "Du" instead of "De". Just so you can be blending right along when you are pedaling around France. Bonjour and bonsoir are attached and not bon jour and bon soir. Just little things I know and now you probably hate me without even knowing me....ahahha
Congratulations on your award though. I really like your blog. Really!