Saturday, November 22, 2008

Banana Updates

As promised, I'm keeping you informed on the progress of the banana's in my backyard. This bunch is hanging about 9 feet off the ground (hence the difficult angle to get a decent shot of the hand). I'm watching this hand particularly nervously this week as it's pretty windy and I just don't want to loose them to the wind. We had a gorgeous hand last year, but we lost it in the huge Hunter Storms in June 07. So this would be our first fruit if it survives.

What else is happening in the garden this weekend? Well, the Celery is thinking about going to seed, but I'm trying to trick it by cutting off the seed heads. Some of the lettuces have gone to seed, but that's OK because I've been planting on a staggered schedule - so my other lettuces are about ready, with some new ones coming up for later. I have some new spinach almost ready for picking, so I think I'll pull out the old ones which are definitely seeding and can't be tricked any longer. The asparagus is still sprouting, although only enough for the two of us to have on our plates once a week. The trick with the asparagus is to keep feeding it, and pick when the stalks are about 10 cm - they grow about 2 cm a day so watch carefully. I'll spend a bit of time also clearing out the old snow peas and then feeding the whole garden with some 'fish juice' (Yummy).

It's still overcast, although this morning was just sunny enough to enjoy a pot of earl grey tea with my breakfast out on the deck.... Later today or tomorrow, some reading.

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Bellezza said...

The first time I saw a banana tree was at Hemingway's house in Key West. They are beautiful! So strange, but so lovely at the same time. That cone thing just captured my attention, and I had to photograph it as you did.