Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tea at Brisbane Botanic Gardens

I've been away from my garden for over a week now, so it was a great joy to spend some time this afternoon with my family at Brisbane Botatnic Gardens with a lovelly pot of english breakfast tea. It's strange for me to say, but I was feeling a little homesick for my garden, my partner and my dogs. Tea helps.
I've been thinking about the whole idea of 'ethical and intentional living' and how I find that aspects of my life are often seperated from other aspects of my life. I find it a huge struggle to make the connections sometimes. But thinking about the concept of intentional living has prompted me to think more about a holistic view to my life, and daily routines. As I return home this week, my challenge will be to follow through on some intentional decisions, and make the connections between work, home and spiritual life.
I am proud to say I have finished my frist book since starting this blog. I read Kathy Reichs 'Deadly Decisions', and really enjoyed the escapism. I like how she uses bits of french in the text, it challenges me. I was a little disappointed that Andrew Ryan didn't feature too much in this storyline, as in her other novels, but I suspect this was an earlier novel. Kathy does a reasonable job at describing enough of the details for setting scene, mixed with good action scenes to keep me involved in the story line. Now, I am working on a totally french novel, and a christian novel called 'The Shack'... more on them later.
It's thyme-for-tea!

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