Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spring Time Tea

It's been a delightfully spring filled weekend... time for gardening, reading, knitting, remembering Greece and sipping tea. It's the anniversary of my time in Greece with friends, and I remember this fondly. This morning my memories were joined by lemongrass and ginger tea while I was sitting on my garden deck knitting in peace, while my partner sat at little further away in meditation. The dogs played with butterflies and lizards, and the kookaburra did a fly-by checking out the new diggings in the garden for worms. this weekend I've planted a new bed of carrots and radishes, planted a tub of spinach and cucumber seedlings, and I've weeded, fed and mulched a new section ready to plant up for the Christmas feast (which I must plant soon). I currently have a generous supply of lemons, leeks, lettuce, snow peas, celery, radishes, rhubarb, and spinach. I also have plenty of Chinese gooseberries, little balls of fruit wrapped up in a Chinese lantern. Today I'll be baking the gooseberries into jam, and lemons into pudding.

This weekend I have also been enjoying, I think for the first time, reading 2 books. I'm reading a Christian novel called 'The Shack' on my PDA, and I'm reading the first of my Japanese literature challenge books, 'After Dark' in paperback. [Reviews to come]. I'm finding that there are times when the eBook is really handy, like sitting on the poorly lit veranda on a warm evening, but then there are times I want to flip the pages of a real book. I've had the chance to do both this weekend.

Here's to friends around the world, fabulous places to meet, and may we meet again, often.

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