Thursday, September 11, 2008

Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome

A co-production with The Bell Shakespeare Company, A Shakespeare Commentary, By Heiner Müller. Translated by Julian Hammon. John Bell is Titus Andronicus, Imperial Rome’s greatest military commander.

I wouldn't normally promote the use of violence for anything. This production challenged almost everything within me. Violence, dramatic use of violence, rape and murder, and the only really prop used in the production was blood, and lots of it.

I appreciate the company of my sister, whose outbursts of laughter at the 2nd and 3rd murder of the same actor, reminded me that this was simply drama. I felt the production was pulled together by amazing talented actors and directors, and I was in awe of the skills on stage.
I was not privileged to have the chance to study Shakespeare at school (concentrating on music instead). So as an adult I have taken the opportunity to see Shakespeare through local productions (usually including friends) and through the Bell Shakespeare Company. I know Bell often provides his own interpretations on the productions, which means I see quite a different perspective on the classics.
I felt Anatomy Titus, was true to key Shakespeare characteristics, including an all male cast, minimal use of props, someone going mad, and the full sense of the word 'tragedy'. I really dont see myself reading much of this work, (it would take me too long), but to see a 2 hour production is a great way to get the sense of these works.

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