Monday, June 10, 2019

Paris in July 2019.... Lets go!

So here it is.... Paris in July 2019.

I'm sure it needs no explanation , but for those who would like a brief description, Paris in July is a month long blogging event, with very few rules - except to focus on something Parisienne, French, or from France.... movies, books, authors, food, places, music, experiences, people, culture, history, future.... whatever you like to blog about - just do a post on something you love about Paris or France, and link it in.

There's no rules on how many posts you need to do with a French theme, and there's no limit on it either! Some of the usual participants dedicate the whole month to Paris in July, while others just link in from time to time. Some are solely into books and authors, while others try and test from all things Paris and France... So, weather you in boots n all, or just for a taster, join in, and enjoy the journey.

  • Starting next week - 15th June - I will post a Mister Linky widget - so you can register your interest
  • Then I will start a Paris in July 2019 blog roll on the side of my blog so you can easily find each other
  • If you want to see what others have posted on in the past, I've done my best to keep an archive here

Homework for this week - I would like to invite a creative lover of Paris in July to design us a button or logo - something that we can share in all our posts to connect us all together. Here's a sample of buttons from the past. You can find my email in the 'about me' section on my blog.


Brona said...

I'm in - I've been saving my next Maigret's all year!!

Jeanie said...

I'm in too! I've some new things from last October to share!

R's Rue said...


Nadia said...

A friend just commented about being ready for Paris in July, which I told her I most definitely was. I love that we all get so excited for it :) Makes it so much fun.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I look forward to Paris in July every year. It's an annual tradition for me.

Mae Travels said...

My friend Jeanie from The Marmelade Gypsy says I should share my latest post with Paris in July... OK here it is:

See you again in July!