Monday, December 18, 2017

Welcome Bailey

 This is Bailey. 
She's a 12 month old border collie/ kelpie mix 
And a bundle of mischief & energy

 Bailey joined us following being lost & found
Which means we dont know about her past. 

What we do know is she's beautiful & very smart.

Bailey surveying her new territory... 


Bellezza said...

Oh, she is very beautiful! So happy you two are together.

Jeanie said...

She's adorable -- and I know she has found a wonderful home with you, Tamara!

Mel u said...

Very pretty dog

Tamara said...

Thanks Bellezza & Jeannie, we think we have a gem also. MEL U.. thats means alot as i know your a big cat fan.

Mae Travels said...

Beautiful creature! Have a great Christmas with her.

best... mae at