Friday, December 1, 2017

7 days of black and white

I've been absent from my blog 
while I was winding up some uni assignments
But I've been participating in 
On instagram

Images from my garden and other corders of my life. 



Jeanie said...

I've seen the Seven Days on FB and love seeing the different takes. You have some beautiful captures here, Tamara. There's something about b/w isn't there? It lets you really see the essence because you aren't boggled by all the color.

Tamara said...

Thanks Jeanie. This was my first play with b&w, and I did learn alot about the essence of the image without colour. I think I'll do more.

Mae Travels said...

The birds use the contrast very beautifully. Challenging assignment! I hope you are back to some interesting blogging.

Best... mae at

Tamara said...

Thanks Mae. The pelicans was just a fluke... but I do love it also. Especially the reflections.