Thursday, June 29, 2017

Paris in July..... some goals

This is a happy french memory for me...
I might post something on my stay here in 2002

Thank you for joining us in this years Paris in July blogging event. Karen reminded me that this is our 10th anniversary... so Happy Birthday Paris in July!!  Having recieved so much encouragement, I've been compiling my list of things I hope to do for my virtual journey to Paris, France this year.
  1. Learn something new about life in France.... 
  2. Visit some of the museums of France virtually... so much easier to do these days
  3. Maybe blog in french a little.... 
  4. I have a reading list, and some new French authors to learn about
  5. Id like to listen to some current french music too
  6. I will also do something for le quatorze juillet.. this looks achievable
 So here's a glimpse of my reading choices...

Special Request.... if anyone is passionate & interested in developing a Paris in July button, it was be most welcomed.

Mr Linky should be up by the 1st July.


Jeanie said...

Hi Tamara, I'll see what I can do about a button in the next 24 hours before I take off. I look forward to it!

Tamara said...

Awesome. ..

Mel u said...

I have read both Gigi, hard not to have the movie in mind when reading, and set in French Colonial Vietnam, the Lover, a very good work, probably among best of French colonial literature.

n@ncy said...

May I suggest a few writers that perhaps may interest you?
I've been reading French books since 2012 and a few have really impressed me.
They are not 'literary diamonds' but linger in my memory (all books are in English)
A Secret P. Gimbert
Charlotte - D. Foenkinos
Any thriler by P. Lemaitre (enjoyed him more than Vargas)
Classic 'Vipers' Tangle (F. Mauriac)
this 'gem' Nothing Holds Back the Night (Delphine de Vigan)
I will follow your 'Paris in July'....looks like fun!

Tamara said...

Thanks Mel u and N@ancy for your words & advice... and I'm sure its going to be fun..

Bellezza said...

I have set aside a few books for Paris in July 2017. So glad it's almost here!

Mel u said...

Here is my opening post for Paris in July

I made a custom header image for the event

Nadia A said...

I've just finished The Portrait by Antoine Laurain to get me in the mood for Paris in July :) I'm so excited to read everyone's posts!