Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Spy : Review

Paulo coelho has written a plethora of great books. I've read enough of them to feel confident that picking up one of his books would be rewarding. I have enjoyed Coelho's spiritual and story lines. Brida stands out as one of my favourite "youth hostel" find. (That's a book you swap when your in a hostel)

Sadly, this one didn't join my list of good reads... Ally commented in my last post, that this disappointed her so much. Still I persisted... and now I can join Ally. This is a disappointment for the Coelho fan. Now I'm tempted to find another Coelho book to restore my faith. Any ideas?


Jeanie said...

I have never read his work so no suggestions but I know what you mean when a book doesn't live up to your hopes for it!

Ally said...

So it's not just me :) Anyway, I am sure The Zahir will make things better for you :) The Alchemist is my favorite but I am sure you have read that one :)

Lisbeth said...

I am sorry to hear. Was looking forward reading this book. I just read The Witch of Portobello which I really loved. It says so much about our life today. I will have a review up one of these days.