Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Summer Reading Plans

Yeh! It now feels like summer is really here. I've finished the first of four years in my Masters, and the Frangipani is blooming... thats a true sign of summer.. 

So, with no study on my mind, I have found my summertime reading (very ambitious for me)... along with these hard copies, Ive also got some on my Kindle, including 

I'm still committed to the Japanese Literature Challenge, and have already posted on my intentions for that here. I plan to read those books as well.... maybe a little ambitious... 

Ambitious or not, I'm certainly looking forward to the summer. I also have set myself the goal of getting to the beach or lake each week. I live 2km from the sea and 4 km from the lake, but year after year, I am embarrassed to say how little I get to the water. This summer I cant ride my bike or do long walks as I would like to, so swimming & kyaking will be my new thing. Im looking forward to those mini adventures. 

And of course, there's my gardening hopes. I'll post more on the garden soon. Recently I've found it a source of joy & strength to me, a place of solace and rejuvenation, and my gift. 

Comming soon...  book review of "the book of tea" by Okakura Kakuz┼Ź (February 14, 1862 – September 2, 1913) for the Japanese Literature Challenge. 
Newcastles working harbour


Lisbeth Ekelof said...

Lovely Frangipani flowers. I think I have never seen one! Congratulations to your Master! Must feel wonderful to have achieved it. What was the subject?
Sounds great to be so close to any water. I am a Picies, so water is my favourite element. Have a nice relaxing summer. Here in Europe we are nearing winter. Even here in Brussels we have a few minus degrees already. That is in Celcius!
Enjoy the fruits of hard labour.

Ally said...

I am a huge Coelho fan, even met him at a private dinner in Istanbul in 2011, but this is his worst book... I was so disappointed!

Jeanie said...

Happiest of summers! Here it is cold and snow on the ground and I'm a little envious of the extra reading time! But I'll settle in after the holiday.

The Victoria book got a good review in the New York Times and it is on my list as well. Let me know how you like it.

Tamara said...

Lisbeth, happy to post frangipani photos all summer if thatbwould please you.. they are a joy to have in the garden. Ally, so sad to hear you didnt enjoy this book, I too have loved many of his previous fiction and non fiction. I'll try this out (at least its short)... Jeanie, Victoria is most ambitious choice this summer. But the reviews and the subject have me engaged... lets see how it goes.

Brona Joy said...

Aren't the frangipani glorious right now - the high humidity brings out their scent.

I've been eyeing off Victoria, but it is just too much of a chunkster to contemplate right now.

Good luck with your reading and swimming plans :-)

Mae Travels said...

Looking forward to your book reviews. I haven't read them but they look very much like my kind of reading. Not many people are participating in the Japanese Lit Challenge this year, I hope you get it going again!

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Bellezza said...

I love the cover on your copy of Murakami's Absolutely on Music! It's a book I'm very much looking forward to in 2017 as I received it for Christmas.

Mae is right, there aren't many people participating in the JLC10. Perhaps we're so busy, perhaps the interest has waned since I first began it in 2006. Still, I'm grateful for the interchange we have, and hopeful that I will get some posts up soon myself!

I love that it's summer where you are; I'm enjoying the winter here in the states, love snow and less humidity! Happy New Year!