Tuesday, December 1, 2015


This isn't really a holiday blog, it's more about me contemplating and ponder important things in life. However, visiting temples makes one stop and reflect, meditate on the important, and rest in the moment. So when some of you asked for holiday snaps, I was torn.

Anyway, here's a few snaps of different temples I visited. I am a christian women, in my own kind of way, but I feel it's important to walk with my fellow life travellers and understand and respect the different ways we express our spirituality. This most recent trip (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos), as with my trips to India in the past, has given me more of an opportunity to visit and understand others in my world. I'll do what I can to recall where these temples were - but I cant promise to recall their names. I apologise this is a long post.

Mekong Delta (somewhere?), Vietnam

We stumbled across this on a walk through a village. 
I admire dragons and noticed this interesting motive on top
This poster was hung around this temple commune - with an important message for us.
 All of us,
Children of God
Shall pray
Together so that
God may grant 
Peace of 
Mind for everyone. 

Chau Doc, Vietnam

With a local guide, I enjoyed the peace and tranquility of this working temple.
Monks quietly gardening and working in the background.

 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

This temple site was created by a wealthy widow. It's called Wat Phnom.
The flag at Wat Phnom
Wat Phnom, Buddhist Temple

 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Silver Pagoda at the Royal Palace

The intricate details are amazing beautiful and stunning.

 Battambung, Cambodia

Dont know the name, but this was an active temple with many monks, in the town area.
My Favourite Temple stops. Our TukTuk driver said this was called "Chicken Hill".

Also at Chicken Hill near Battambung. Beautifully peaceful setting.

 Luang Probang, Laos

Somewhere in Luang Borbang! This town is full of beautful temples.

Found the Sleeping Buddha on Mount Phousi (Centre of town).
Also on Mount Phousi - this scene reminds be  of devotion and learning
Top of Mount Phousi
An ancient gate to temple in Luang Probang

 Hanoi, Vietnam

The Red Bridge leading to the Green Turtle Temple in lake Hoan Kiem, Hanoi City
Gate to the Turtle Temple
Turtle Temple.
Chua Tran Quoc, Hanoi City

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Small temple I found when Kayaking in Halong Bay. I didn't get out of the Kayak.
Just posting these photo's I am reminded of how I felt visiting these places, who I met there and what I reflected on. I am impressed by others dedication to their faith, and their commitment to learning more. I am overwhelmed by others generosity and their humbleness. I seek to reflect some of those characteristics in my life from time to time.

Thank you to the monks, the locals and the guides, who shared these impressive little secrets with me.


Jeanie said...

It may not be a holiday post as such, Tamara, but I think it's more important. Beautiful and sacred spots; I'm glad you had the chance to see them.

Thanks for popping by! Very nice to see you!

Meredith said...

Such beautiful temples in beautiful, exotic places.

Also, you have won a copy of Like Family by Paolo Giordano. If you'll email me your mailing address (bellezza.mjs@gmail.com) I'll forward it to the publisher. Congratulations!