Thursday, December 17, 2015

Markets in Vietnam & Cambodia

Water Markets 
There's something really fresh and delightful about food markets. 
Visiting the supermarket just isn't the same experience. 
Delighting in the smells, sounds and sights,
I loved visiting the different markets 
and bargaining
and trying new foods
and maing the locals laugh as I did.

The market stall holders were fun and gentle on strangers.

Dragon Fruit - became one of my favourite foods - had to have it every day!
This is Lucky! He was my cooking school teacher in Phnom Penh.

Market lady keeping fish alive 

All sorts of dried fish
and more dried fish
While Farmers Markets are growing in popularity in my part of the world, they aren't quite as exciting as the markets in South East Asia. I think the key differences are that the food available is different, the way  people use food (lots of dried fish) is different, and the community only has one place to get their food - while we have multiple choices, some of which are available 24hrs a day.

I appreciated the market experiences I had on my recent holiday - but on reflection - I think I appreciate them just as much as I appreciate the French markets - perhaps the French learnt their market skills from Vietnam or visa versa?

Where are your favourite markets?


Mystica said...

Fresh food markets are so alive!

Tamara said...

That's such a fantastic description - You feel like your surrounded by everyday living.

Jeanie said...

Interesting observation about the Vietnamese/French markets -- I wonder which was first. Probably the French. But who knows? No matter what, it looks fascinating. I find it hard to resist a good market.