Thursday, November 12, 2015


We all love them
We capture them in our holiday photos
They are faultless

As I am sorting out my holiday photo's (and I have thousands), I am reminded of just how many sunsets I sat back and enjoyed when I was on holidays, travelling along the Mekong River in Vietnam and Cambodia. 

What is it about sunsets? They happen every single day! Rain, hail or shine, the sun will set. But do we notice? Yet on holidays, it's the highlight of a day (maybe because there's a cocktail involved). 

I met with a colleague today who commented on just how relaxed and peaceful I appear this week. We talked for sometime about what happened on my holiday to impact me so much. I think it was a combination of factors (and I'll post more about this later, maybe), but a key factor was that this holiday was not over planned. Each day unravelled in it's own unplanned way - but routines developed (based on weather and energy levels) that meant we made time for watching sunsets. 

Watching sunsets for me, mean
  • resting, reflecting on the days activities
  • drinking in the colours
  • feeling the calm of dusk
  • closing one day 
  • hoping for the next
What are your thoughts on sunsets? I love them and I wish I could sit and watch more.


Jeanie said...

You're so right about the overplanning. That can wear a person out and sometimes you miss the most divine opportunities because they didn't fit into the schedule. As for the sunsets, these are glorious. I've never been able to pass up the sunset photos, even of spots that are much the same -- because the sunset never is!

Brona Joy said...

Our holiday to Vietnam recently was the same. We pre-booked accomodation everywhere but only one activity in Saigon and one in Hanoi. The rest of the two weeks was just ours to fill at our leisure. Including many cocktails and sunsets.

I'm really looking forward to seeing more pics :-)

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