Sunday, November 8, 2015

Returning Home


Returning home. (6 weeks away)
Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore. 
Delightfully enerizing.
Time for reflection.
Time for learning.
Time for discovery. 
New people.
New food.
New cultures.
I'll share more soon.


Brona Joy said...

6 weeks!
How glorious.
Very envious too. We had 12 days in Vietnam at Easter & it was wonderful. Hope to go back for an extended visit one day.
Can't wait to read your stories & see your pics in the meantime though:-)

mel u said...

I look forward to,your posts. I have had briefs visors in Cambodis, Singapore and Vietnam

Jeanie said...

Welcome back, Tamara. I'll look forward to your posts!

Mae Travels said...

Your photos are really fascinating. I love dragons... wish you would do a post of dragons from your entire trip, which looked wonderful!