Saturday, January 31, 2015

When does Summer end?

Does summer end when you return to your 'routines'? or does it end when it's too cold to walk bare foot in the garden? Does summer end when you no longer have lovely long evenings of daylight and dusk? or does it end when you stop drinking white wine and start with the red?

When does summer end for you?

Me - it's not over just because I went back to work this week. It's just that I have to fit all my summer lov'in into the few hours I get to be outdoors. I love being barefoot and bra free.

This weekend, after catching up on the holiday washing and packing things away, I'm enjoying my garden;
  • Harvesting - Luffa, baby eggplants, beans, bananas, spinach, rhubarb, cherry tomatoes, & basil galore!
  • Planting - comfrey, parsley, beans, snow peas, sugar peas, leeks, and beetroot seedlings
  • Cooking - Luffa & tomato ratatouille with quinoa, and cheesy balls with fresh garden herbs, pesto and banana & cinamon icecream
  • Pruning - Bougainvilleas, jasmine, and the hedges
I am reflecting also on my key words, after I read this great post about focus and challenges.  Bec often inspires me with her reflections, and here she brought to my attention a book I might chase down. Brendon Burchard's The Charge. Bec noted this about the book, which is what I'm thinking about this weekend....
Brendon goes on to talk about the distinction between goals (focused on the destination or the desire to tick something off a to-do list) and challenges (which stimulate drive and engagement in the process, and stretches you to grow), and how extrinsic motivators rarely result in any lasting sense of achievement.
 Today I'm being challenged by the difference between ticking things off the list, facing the challenges and dealing with the fears that stop me from achieving things, and what motivates me.... I can set myself lots of things to do kind of goals, but I will usually leave the tuff stuff off the list. I know what those things are - calling a friend in need when I'd prefer to hang out with the butterflies in my garden..... or doing my tax work - but I delay those things..... the challenge for me is to face the fear - overcome that challenge. I will be a better person for it. And I don't have to have 100 ticks on my list of 100 things to do.

So today... I will reflect more on my keys words and what my challenges are.

Meanwhile - I'd like to report that I have read 3 more Japanese authors this past month, and will be doing my Japanese Literature Challenge post soon.

Photos: from Cowra NSW 

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Jeanie said...

That whole goals and challenges thing can really trip me up -- a good description here and wonderful way to look at it. Your photos are lovely and I long for the day when I, too, will plant, harvest and plant again!