Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tour Down Under Updates

 The weather's beautiful, the city is alive with the joy of cycling. 

This years Tour down Under s started with a fund raising event for Bowel Cancer. 
The Undies Run. 
My partner's mum died of Bowel Cancer, so some of the family did the 1.7km fun run for Mum. 
(we are not pictured here - these are total strangers! as if I'd post a photo of me in my undies....)

 One of the most exciting things for me this year is the introduction of the pro cycling 
Women's Tour 
Its a world recognised pro cycling event for women
unlike the men's 6 days of cycling, the women's tour is just 4 days, with both circuits and road stages

 It's such an exciting sport to watch from the fence 
I love to watch their tactics and their form
their focus is just intense
 and some of the women's outfits (kits) are just lovely.

Today was stage 2 of the men's race
I rode with some friends up to the finish line in Stirling
it was a 75km ride for me up one of Adelaide's most reknown hills
'the corkscrew'
(the road is aptly named!)

Once I got to the top, I enjoyed watching the sprint leg at Mylor,
then relocating to watch the final two laps of the the men's race.

Currently we have an Aussie in the lead....
And Cadel is in the top 10!

This is a holiday with a definite sporting flavour.

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Jeanie said...

I wish we got news of this one here. I'd watch, though it's probably in the middle of the night here! Good for Cadel. Wondering who's in first -- will have to find it online. Getting very itchy to see cycling again!

That's great about the ride for cancer before. I just did a big post on cancer. It's a horrid disease and needs all the support it can get.