Sunday, August 3, 2014

Paris in July - Reflection Post 2014

Paris in July - my personal reflections as a co host of a blogging event. 
Originally the brainchild of Karen and myself after having a conversation about bringing our shared love of Paris, literature and travel into an event to share with others - Paris in July, the blogging event, has now celebrated 5 years.

For me Paris in July, the blogging event, is one time in the year when I put significant energy and thought into my blogging practice. This year, i considered my commitments in life, and stepped up my role in the event because I had a bit more time and space than Karen did. This year we invited and welcomed co-hosts - Bellezza, Adria, Vicki and Nichole. Having a team of co-hosts allowed us to achieve several important milestones in Paris in July.
  • Between us all, we ensured that there was a new Paris in July post ever day of the month. I am so proud of that!
  • with new blood on the team, we ensured a cross selection of posts and topics - from travel, food, photos, literature, fashion and life in Paris. 
  • Between the co hosts - we were able to invite along other participants from our followers - and we welcomed new participants, and previous ones too. 
  • Some of the co-hosts are also active Twitterers - and this added to our coverage, making the event more accessible... 
Along with all of those changes, I also introduced some new aspects to my blog for Paris in July.
  • Monday Menus - the post that outlined the main activity for the week - also had a Mr Linky spot for participants to add their Paris in July post links
  • The Menus were then available on my blog (top left hand corner) so people could easily link into the week menu to check other participant posts and the plans for the week. 
  • I created an image to mark the two posts per week I was responsible for - Tuesday Travels and Thursdays Taste of Paris. For me, having the two dedicated posts per week meant a little bit of homework, but it was so much easier when I had planned it out in advance.
Some lessons I've learnt co-hosting this years Paris in July blogging event include
  • being prepared in advance - like having all the cohosts proposed posts at the beginning of the month - makes each week much easier to roll out.
  • inviting previous participants is helpful - as many people dont 'follow' enough to be aware that the event is on. I did this to a certain extent by visiting previous participants blogs and leaving them messages to come over and join in.
  • Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook could probably be utilised more to engage a broader audience and to create a broader conversation. (Funny that I say that as I dont do any of that stuff!)
  • being flexible and responsive - Sadly Nichole's blog was 'corupted' for some of the time during July!
On reflection, I had a great time in my role (I do love lists, organising and order). I loved visiting everyone's posts as soon as they were put up on mr linky. I enjoyed my own easy Monday Menu Links on my front page, and I love my co-hosts contributions - wedding dresses, perfume, icecream, pre school, childrens books, stories in photos (watermelon and rose!!!) all of it was fantastic.

I hope it all happens again next year!

I'd love to hear your thoughts too.  And dont forget, I'll leave the Monday Menu links up for a few weeks yet.... there's heaps of posts there to read.


skiourophile said...

Another excellent year of Paris delights - congratulations to your team!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I loved this event! I can't wait for next year. Thank you for all the work you put into it.

Ally said...

Lovely event, it has turned into an yearly habit now :)

Mae Travels said...

I enjoyed participating and reading all the varied and clever posts your participants contributed!

mae at and at

Bellezza said...

Whether as co-host or participant, I will join in every year. As Ally said, it's turned into a yearly habit (one I much look forward to)!

Heidi’sbooks said...

This was so much fun! Thank you!

Brona said...

Thank you for such a wonderful event. This was my first time - it was wonderful reading such diverse and interetsing posts.

I'm delighted to now have 2 French instagrammers to follow - their everyday Paris pics fill me with envy and longing!

I cant wait for next year. Thanks again.

Your tips were very helpful too, as I will be hosting my second AusReading month in November...and you've made me realise I will need more organisation if I want it to grow.

worldtraveler said...

a nice addition to your blog list is:

all things, fashion, sightseeing, insider stuff

Jeanie said...

I think you did a magnificent job in coordinating (co-coordinating) this event and I loved the posts and others. I still have many to visit and I suspect PIJ will live on till September, October... who knows!

Adria said...

I really enjoyed participating in Paris in July. It was so much fun to read everyone's posts and share thoughts about France. Thanks for having me!

Arti said...

Thanks for co-hosting Paris In July. I've enjoyed participating. It's fun visiting others on the same topic, albeit different attractions. Looking forward to next year. ;)