Thursday, March 20, 2014

Choices - so hard!

 My mission this year is to learn how to live more simply - because I want to know that I'm not disadvantaging people with my choices. This mission weighs on my mind daily. Coffee or not? Take away cup or BYO? Buy my lunch or take it from home? But my garden just doesn't produce enough to supply all my lunch needs..... as you can see - my thoughts wander through these cycles. 

So here's the thing - I think I've been absent from blogging because I'm feeling guilty.... living simply is hard by my current standards. Now, I have a new mission now - how can I live simply, in line with my hopes, in a way that is achievable in my actual life - that is - I commute 3 hours to work, don't see my garden any more than 1 day a week, and cant pack a lunch for every day. So - it's now about finding and purchasing ethically, locally, and minimally. 

While this is perhaps the image I had about simplicity.....

This is more like the image I hope for -  one of sitting peacefully with my decisions....

So now - I will be posting very soon on my Chocolate research.... it was an emotionally difficulty piece of research to do. But now I see my man making ethical decisions about what we're purchasing, and loosing weight as evidence that he's cut back - I feel like it was a great start.

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Jeanie said...

Tamara, this is a wonderful post. But let me start with a kind admonition. Please do not feel guilty. And here's why. You are trying -- trying harder than most -- to do all the right things. And you ARE doing them and you are succeeding. This is your first year doing this and like anything, it is a growing process. I have learned hard that you don't go to the gym and kill yourself the first day. You do what you can and push yourself a little more all the time and those accomplishments accumulate. It becomes easier because you become more knowledgable, you find new ways to do what you need and even want to do more efficiently and in your case, more "to the earth."

I am in complete awe of how you are restructuring your life and what you have done in a very short time. So from where I sit, I think you should fill that bowl with flowers every day and say "I am at peace because today I did this and this -- and tomorrow, I'll do that, too." And I know you will.

Thanks for stopping by the Gypsy and your comments. I love it when you come by. The Paris-Nice race was on last week and I thought of you, thinking those of us who enjoy watching these things are getting into season. (Well, you and my Rick also ride, too! He's much less cranky now that he can get on the bike!)