Monday, March 31, 2014

chocolate anyone? 
While all of us love chocolate, a vast majority is not aware that about 1.8 million children are subjected to hard labour and horrible working conditions on West African cocoa farms, which is where 70 percent of the world’s chocolate comes from. According to the US Department of state, Cote d’Ivoire or Ivory Coast, which alone accounts for nearly 40 percent of world’s cocoa production, has more than 109,000 children working under “the worst forms of child labour”, with over 10,000 being victims of human trafficking and slavery. (Singapore Independent, 2014)

So given this news, what can we do? I've started drafting a post, but it's not ready yet... stay tuned.

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Jeanie said...

I didn't realize that, Tamara. I'm glad chocolate isn't my favorite. I don't dislike it and have had more than my share but given the options will go for lemon any day! (Or peppermint!) I'll look forward to your next post. Can't say I'd swear off altogether, but you never know...