Monday, August 19, 2013

Paris in July - Housekeeping


I always hope to finish Paris in July with a quality summary and a thank you to all participants. This year I have done some summary stats and lists under my 'Challenges' tab for Paris in July 2013. Please check it out to see just how busy we all were.

A here's my big thank you to this years participants - Merci!

Please join us again in 2014 - for what ever Paris in July looks like next year.


skiourophile said...

It's impressive to see it all together like that -- here's to another year of Paris in July!

Jeanie said...

I had a great time -- and WOW! As Vicki said, that IS impressive. I still have places to visit. Try as I may, I can never make it through in one month!

Vagabonde said...

I enjoyed reading all the posts about Paris – it made me feel good. But you know Paris is not in me only in July – I carry it with me all the time, why even in this week’s post I was able to post some pictures I took of my quartier (my neighborhood) in Paris. Thanks for all the good links and articles.

Bellezza said...

Thank you, Tamara, and Bookbath, for hosting this most lovely challenge. Glad to hear there will be another next year, as I did a less than admirable job this time. However, I will be gleaning ideas and titles for Juillet prochaine. :)