Sunday, August 4, 2013

Paris in July - Final Wrap up - Merci!

It's with great sadness that I compile this wrap up post - I dont want it to end - but it's 'au revoir' to Paris in July 2013. Karen from Bookbath and I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated, visited and dreamt of Paris, even if only once during July! We've thoroughly enjoyed every post you've published, and there's been a few (I think that's a line from my favourite movie "Sabrina").

So again, I've attempted to theme the posts that were published since sun 28th July in the final days of the month. I'd like to invite you all to leave a comment following this post, mentioning your favourite Paris in July post. I might even be able to select one more gift recipient from your selection of best post..

Book Reviews and Quotes from Books
Photo's and Symbols
People, Places and other topics
For something personal and historic
  • Recollections of a Vagabonde provides a very real and personal history of living in St leu la Foret, a small village - her friendship with an orphan, Rachel, with a complex history and changes that have happened over time. Thanks for this post - it really touched me.
Individual Wrap ups (interesting to see what people got up to during July)
 I would like to say that because of your amazing diverse and numerous posts, I've not had the time to do the things I wanted to do for Paris in July. So as we pass down the Champs Elysee's onto a different street in a different place, I will embark on some of my own Parisian fantasies. Wait and see something about Cocktails in Paris, Female artists, and my book review of Henri walks to Paris.

Out of all the posts I read for this wrap up, I would like to award the special gift to Mel U, because she was consistent in her posts for the month, and introduced us to some classic and little known french authors and characters. Mel, just email me with your contact details...

Thanks to All - and Au revoir et a la prochaine julliet!


Iliana said...

Loved participating - actually still reading another book for the challenge. Thank you so much for hosting and looking forward to next year's virtual trip to Paris :)

Jeanie said...

Thanks, Tamara -- I'm looking forward to still digging deep into some of the posts I missed. I'm so grateful you host this event each year and of course I'm looking forward to it next year! (And thanks for posting such a good compilation -- I appreciate that!)

Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll) said...

Thanks for the wrap-up! It was a fun month!

Christy (A Good Stopping Point) said...

Thanks for hosting this event and for the great wrap-up posts!

skiourophile said...

Thanks for running this event again this year, Tamara - I always enjoy reading everyone's posts, and I see here I have a few more to go and look at too. All the best!

Tamara said...

Thanks to all of you, it was a fantastic month. I will certainly be keen to host it again next year because every year we learn so much more about Paris and France. As with Iliana, Jeanie and Vicki - I am still going with a few of my own personal goals for July, So I look forward to hearing how you all go. Cheers!