Monday, March 25, 2013

1Q84 and other reading news

I did it! I finally finished 1Q84. This was one of my dedicated reads for the Japanese Literature Challenge 2012. It's been an epic journey for me to get through this book, but I really wanted to do it. I enjoy Murakami's writing, he can transport me to the strangest of places, and this book was just as good a read as others. Although, the ending left alot to be desired. I'm mean, after all they'd been through, and the mysterious little people getting such a feature, why did it just end 'happily ever after' for the lovers..... why didn't the little people play a stronger part in the ending? what about the dhota and the mezza? I'm left with more questions than answers.. Did I miss something? or did other readers feel similarly 'let down'.

On a more practical note to self - one of the reasons I found this book so difficult to finish was that I do alot of my reading on the train to work - but this one was too big to throw in the bag. I really would've been better with three books separately, or electronically.

So, since Christmas I've been getting familiar with Kindle on  my minitab (7") and I've been reading a little more from that. I recently finished "Goodbye Madame Butterfly: sex, marriage and the modern Japanese Woman" by Sumie Kawakami. This was a collection of interviews with Japanese Women about the reality of their relationships. A fascinating read, touching, humbling and encouraging. Now I'm reading "Snow Child" on my Kindle, as was recommended by Dolce Bellezza last year.

So while I'm reading one book on the train, and in waiting rooms etc.... I've also got some real books on the TBR list. As in the photo above, I was given these books for Christmas and really want to read them, but finding the time is the challenge. For now, I've picked up 'The Lady Cyclists Guide' which got some great reviews in the blogging world last year also. See Fleur Fischer, Jennys Blog, and 1girl2manybooks

Reading has been a significant challenge for me, and one of the things I'm proud to say I'm working on as an adult. I recently sent myself off to a reading course, which turned out to be very encouraging. It was more focused on reading for business, but 2 significant learnings for me were
  • reading for pleasure should be just that - pleasure. No rules, no deadlines, and no need to read something you don't enjoy reading.
  • sometimes it can be very helpful to guide your eyes because moving your eyes in a line is not actual normal. using one or two fingers to guide to eyes can be very helpful. 
 So, I have today off and I'm going to find the time to actual read for pleasure.


Jeanie said...

I love your reading rules. I agree completely -- reading for pleasure should have no deadlines! And I admire the density of your material -- I think far more dense than things I've read of late. I struggle with reading more than one book at a time -- seems like nothing is ever finished, yet sometimes I do it. Well, I say three cheers!

And thanks for stopping by the Gypsy and commenting! It's always good to see you!

Harvee, Book Dilettante said...

Not sure but I think the lovers are still in a neverland. One of the markers suggest they are not back in the real world from which they started. I think that's a cool ending.

Meredith said...

Congratulations on finishing 1Q84! Like you, at the end I felt a little let down, and more than a little confused, but I don't suppose to understand everything in a Murakami novel.

I really enjoyed Snow Child; it had so much to say to me about love and the tendency I have to cling. I look forward to your thoughts.

Happy Easter, Tamara!