Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Left to Tell

Following a long spell of not reading, I picked up this book last weekend and didn't put it down til I'd finished it. This is a truly inspiring and motivating story - true story - about Immaculee. She survived, by the grace of God, one of the most horrific events occurring in my lifetime, where over 1 million people died during the Rowandan Genocide in 1994.

I hardly knew about the genocide when I was starting  my Masters Degree. At a time when I was acutely aware of the human injustices happening, the political and the social environment in which I was studying - there was a genocide occuring and I hardly knew anything about it.

Immaculee explains what was happening in Rowanda, the war between Hutu and Tutsi and how she ended up surviving three months in a tiny bathroom with 7 other Tutsi women.

While being a great lesson in recent history, her story is one of faith and belief. I'll be looking for the other books she's written.

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Bellezza said...

I'm amazed by such books of courage and strength, and to add faith on top of that? Wonderful! Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Plus, I love the background you've put on your blog. So peaceful and lovely...