Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ethical Fashion Dilema's

Yesterday I went to our local shopping centre in search of some new Autumn/Winter Office wear - to tell you the truth, I was really looking for clothes to wear to work on 'casual fridays' (sad)... However I found no joy. I walked from one shop to the next quickly assessing that the costs and quality of the clothes in each shop I went to indicated 'sweatshop' and unfair labour costs, plastic and synthetic materials reeked to me of harmful practices hurting the earth. I couldn't stomach it for more than and hour. I returned home to start my investigation for online ethical shopping options.

I find it disturbing that (particular in Australia) there isn't a stronger focus on ethical clothing and fashion. I am someone prepared to pay for the product I want - as tempting as a $4 tee shirt is, I cant see that the people who made it would appreciate my bargain buying. At the moment I can buy ethical clothing at some markets (which I would have to travel to because there aren't too many options near me), at a few select retailers, and at present, not too many online retailers. 

I am still researching, and hope to publish my findings here soon. However, this is what I've found so far:
Office Fashion
  • Cue Clothing (one brand I regularly support) is a signatory of the Textile Clothing, Footwear Union of Australia which mandates ethical practices.
  • Veronica Maine (also one of my favourites) is a subsidiary of Cue.
Casual Fashion
more to come...... (lots of yoga stuff and T shirts)

Informative blogs
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