Friday, July 22, 2011

Alp D'Huez

View from the side of Alp D'Huez

Tour de France Spectators set up 2 days early on Alp D'Huez

Alp D'Huez is 13.8km, average 7.5% gradient with 21 switchback (corners)
You see one of these signs on every corner, counting down from 21 to 0!
I climbed Alp D'Huez on my bike in 1 hour and 45 mins.
That's a piece of French history...
or at least it's a first for the Paris in July event!!!!


Bwendo said...

Good on ya! What an achievement - I thought you were goig to say you watching le tour fly past - but you actually climbed it!
That's what I call living your blog!

Vagabonde said...

Lucky you to have been in Alp d’Huez during the Tour and then to have climbed it too! Since I was a child in France I have heard the Tour in July, first on the radio, then on TV when I was a teenager when we had our first TV. Now, an expat in the US, I watch it live on TV – have to get up early in Atlanta to watch it. Well bravo to your lad – Cadel did a great job! He is a wonderful athlete. I have been watching him for several years and was hoping he would be the one today at the time trial instead of Andy Schleck – Andy is nice too but he’ll get it right sometime in the future. And wasn’t Thomas Voeckler amazing? I never thought he could last that long. It will be something for you to hear the Australian anthem on the Champs Elysées tomorrow – I would love to be there (we were there in May.) I’ll be there too – looking on TV from the Atlanta area. I’ll come back to read more of your blog.

ds said...

I am impressed--you not only witnessed the momentous events of that day; you then climbed Alp d'Huez! That's traveler's stamina, for sure.

Jeanie said...

Congratulations! That's one big mountain to climb so quickly (though it probably didn't seem quickly after an hour and a half!)