Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beeing Good for the Earth

It's not often I feel I can say this - but today - I'm so proud of myself. Today I am proud to say I followed my dream and found myself in tune with my philosophy.

I'm a greeny, the hippy daughter of my hippy baby boomer parents, and a keen advocate for healthy balance. I haven't blogged much about these ideals because I often don't feel I am doing it good enough to preach it. But today I wanted to share my activities because I think they will make a difference in the world now and into the future.

Today I wondered out into my garden and collected 1 grapefruit, 2 oranges, 1 manderine and 2 lemons. I wont need to go to the shops for citrus fruit this week. Then I collected the last hand of banana's from the palm. Sadly these wont be edible fresh, but will go nicely in muffins I will make tomorrow. I also collected from the veggie patch spinach, radishes, a leek, a large bundle of broccoli, parsley, celery and carrots. No need to purchase green veggies from the shops this week either. This also means I wont be supporting the long haul trucking industry to burn fossil fuels in order to bring me fresh food (that is usually stored in cold rooms for up to 4-6 months before I get to eat it).

After collecting my loot, I diligently paid my respects to the garden by feeding it generously. I spread out blood and bone, and watered with fish fertiliser. I then sprinkled out a few handfuls of lupin seeds which I found in the cupboard - I had obviously collected the seeds last year because they were such pretty flowers. Flowers are an essential element of a fruit and veggie garden, because without bees we get no pollination.

After enjoying some time in the garden this morning, I treated myself with a trip to the local monthly markets were I purchase my organic tea blends, organic jam & marmalade's, and organic palm oil candles. All of which I love to have in my life, but don't grow or make myself. So by purchasing at the markets locally, I am once again, reducing the number of trucks on the road bringing me the things I want. I'm also supporting local people with local dreams to improve the world.

The markets are also a wonderful way to spend time with my neighbours and local community. I felt like my spirit was refreshed hanging out with crafty, like minded earth friendly people.

But that wasn't the end of the goodness of my day. I went to the local transition towns monthly 'idea's cafe' - were we throw around idea's and success stories, encouraging each other in being the change we want to see. Today's discussion was about bee keeping in the suburban backyard. I've long been convinced that I need to do this - and the day is coming soon. I need bee's in my yard to help my fruit grown, but bee's do some much more as well. They help bring a certain balance to the environment. They're truly amazing little creatures.

So, to end my day of beeing good - I've got friends coming round to share the good food that I have plenty of at the moment. To savour with my broccoli and pumpkin risotto I have an organically grown natures harvest Shiraz. Yumm...


ds said...

Tamara, I am humbled by your commitment to treating the earth with respect, and gardening as organically as possible (I remember my grandmother spreading blood and bonemeal on our garden to ward off deer). You inspire me to try harder to seek out local produce--not so easy in the American 'burbs...
Enjoy that dinner; it sounds fabulous!

Karen said...

You have had a very green weekend! Well done!

Jeanie said...

BRAVO and three cheers! I love summer (I know -- we're backwards up here seasonwise!) when I can cut my own herbs and eat my own tomatoes or at the very least buy them at the farmer's market when they've only come 20 or 30 miles instead of mass produced food. And it tastes better -- I swear it does. There's something wonderful about "cooking close to home" -- you really feel best about it.

Well, bravo to you again -- sounds like you'll be eating well and even enjoying it more!