Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reading suggestions

I'm currently volunteering as an english teacher in Narikudi, Tamil Nadu. While I'm here I have some reading challenges, I'm currently reading Murakami's Blind Willow Weeping Woman, which is a collection of short stories... I find it difficult to read these consequetively, so I read one and put the book up for a while. One the book on the bookshelf in the volunteers room is the Good Earth by Pearl S Buck. It looks interesting, but wondered if anyone had any thoughts about it. Will it be easy enough to read while Im dealing with a lot of other stuff around me???? I'd appreciate your comments.


Karen said...

Hi T - I haven't read Good Earth so I can't fill you in on what it might be like. Oprah did select it as one of her bookclub books a while back - not sure if that persuades you to read it now or not!

Tamara said...

Update on Good Earth. My flat mate got to it before me and has about finished it in 3 days -she says its written really well and is engaging and she's learning alot from it too... my next book