Saturday, September 19, 2009

Indian joy!

Class under the tree, Narikudi School
(my school)

Wedding Guests

Indian Bride

Sunset from my balcony, Tiruchuli, Tamil Nadu

My lane in Tiruchuli.
I'm having a fantastic time here. I teach english to girls at the Narikudi school in the mornings, I catch the bus to and from school (which is a truly Indian experience), and Im working on a Human Rights Grant application for my boss here ( in the afternoons. Life in the village is a daily experience. Yesterday my room mate lost a small item of clothing down the loo 'cos thats the only drain we have in our room so we do our laundry there... very funny experience. We love our sunsets, our quiet lane (although the quiet usually ends about 5 am when the sweeping starts), and we are loving the food. Since being here, we've had the joy of being invited (spontaneously) to two different Hindu Weddings (same same but different).. which were definetly new experiences... very colourful.
Until another time... Vanakum!


Karen said...

Sounds like you are having some amazing experiences! It definitely puts having a washing machine into perspective!!

Suko said...

You have an intriguing blog! Love the photos!

Tamara said...

Hi Karen, thanks for saying hi.... gotta love the machines in our lives. Hi Suko - I hope you visit again sometime. Is intriguing a good thing?

jeyanthi said...

Hai Tamara & chris, how are you?. good morning..........
by Jeyanthi A/c & Bus friend Guru kgbv school, narikudi
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