Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rainy Sundays

It's a rainy Sunday morning and I'm contemplating my original plans - to weed, plant and mulch one of my garden beds. I'm thinking it's great weather to be pulling weeds and to get some new seeds started.... just do I want to go out there?? In the meantime, it's a cuppa tea and muffin while I show you some of my newbies.

For Mothers Day I've included my Granny's Tea Canister
Loved you Granny!

On 'nos vaccances' in the Blue Mountains recently, we found this great second hand bookshop in Wentworth. I limited my purchase to 'deux livres' - both Madame Bovary - one in English, 'l'autre en Francais'. Mais quelle challenge! What should I do? read the English version first, and then try the French, or start with sections in French followed closely by the English??

These two newbies are my Salwar Chemise' for when I go to teach English in a school in India. I bought the fabric last trip to India, and I've had a local dress maker make these up for me. I have previously bought clothes off the rack in India, but they don't fit, they often fall apart, and aren't in colours I like. I think these will be 'socially appropriate' and comfortable.

And back to today's dilemma - for now I'm going to enjoy reading your blogs while I listen to French radio online.


Karen said...

Definitely a day for being inside I think! In regards to your dilemma I would start with the Engligh version and then move on to the French - but that's just me. Your French is probably at a level where you could read the French version and comprehend it just fine!

Anonymous said...

I just finished Madame Bovary in April. Such a marvelous book. I've read it many times before, but my French is now so lacking I couldn't possibly manage it without translation. I love the two blouses you bought. I have many Indian students in my class of third graders, and they are so beautiful. Their clothes and styles are so lovely. I bet you look great in them, too.

megan said...

I say start with the French! And then you will likely become annoyed at the way the translation in English just isn't right...not that I know that from first hand experience - unfortunately my French just isn't good enough to tackle Madame Bovary.

And I didn't know there was a second hand bookshop in Wentworth? I love second hand bookshops, especially those outside Sydney. There's a couple of good ones in Katoomba, and one or two in Blackheath.

Unknown said...

The weather was more for reading! So when do u think u will be off to India? Is this planned as yet or just down the track? Just you or is your partner going also? Re the outfits..good idea! I found they mostly fell apart when I was there..though I still have one outfit made of very tough cotton..found it a bit heavy in the heat there so it was not worn as much and therefore not bashed about on rocks at the washing ghats. I would love to go and teach there too at some stage.

Tamara said...

Thank you all for your suggestions on the translation issue - I think I will start with French but I'll work with the engligh close by. Even my French tutor suggested the text would be complicated.
Megan - I'm always surprised at the variety and quality you can find in secondhand stores. I wonder if there's a challenge there - to support the secondhand market and the recycling of books?
Michelle and Belleza - The colours and gold trims of the Indian women are just beautiful. My trip to India is coming together for September-October. 6 weeks teaching in a school for girls. I cant wait.

Anonymous said...

I hope you blog about your experience teaching there. I'd be so very interested.