Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bookish Gifts

My partner went out for a bike ride with a friend and came home with gifts for me. I had a suspicion he would be passing McLeans Bookstore, a favourite independent book shop, so I put in a request for "Living the Good Life" because I had read the review here. But he also bought home stories from the Victorian Bushfires and a new Murakami novel. Each one of these books is a window into the different aspects of who I am. I like that he found something for the different parts of me.

But now I have a juggling act: I'm currently reading Emergency Sex and other desperate measures, Ruth, and Unaccustomed Earth. I've started Madame Bovary 'en francais' et aussi en anglais and I'm looking forward to the long weekend in June to get through a few of these.


Karen said...

It sounds like you have a similar problem to me at the moment - way too many good books and not nearly enough time to read them all!!

Samantha said...

You've got a good man there! Am also very interested in "Living the Good Life" - I will add it to my wishlist. I have also read Emergency Sex for my bookclub - it certainly was an eye-opening book.

p.s. I have a new blog home - (formerly nutmeg of anothernutter)

Tamara said...

Hi Karen,You taught me well!
Samantha - thanks for the news on the blog, I will come and visit. I'm finding emergency sex a tempter for OS aid work.. time will tell.