Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018.... Wow!!!!

A vine peaks through from the neighbours 
I am so excited about this year... 2018 is going to be fun, full of activity, and a year of new things. I'm not making resolutions, I'm just putting out my intentions.

2017 was kind of like a year in limbo... surgery - waiting for recovery... study - waiting for the end.... working - waiting for the rewards... but then it was a year of big things.. overcoming pain, rehab success.. travelling, climbing big big hills (mountains) in Nepal, and progressing professionally. And in the past 8 days, while on holidays at home, I rode more than 420kms!
Vietnamese Mint in a tea cup
This year I'm working on balance.. I have done half a MBA (I've been doing 3 subjects a year so 2 more years to go), but am in the process of reviewing that. I'm not enjoying it, uts not challenging me, and I'm not really convinced I need this. What's the point of devoting valuable life time to something you dont get joy out of? Plus, its costly..

So I'm really excited about how much energy I will have this year for new things... and the things I love. Being physically fit and well, having brain space, and having time... thats all exciting!
Rhubarb.. always worth being excited about
I dream of spending more time in my garden, riding my bike, walking my dog, and spending time with friends. I want to take a few trips this year too...a big trip to India to visit my friends and the girls at Barathi Girls hostel, and a few shorter trips to visit friends and family in other states... I want to go camping, bush walking, and kyaking... I also want to go to the theatre and see some more live shows.. As I write this I feel my energy rising.. its exciting.

So here I go, head on to 2018!


Jeanie said...

I'm sure you were glad to say goodbye to the rough parts of 2017 and onward! Your intentions are fine ones and I have no doubt you'll make the most of them!

I wish you a beautiful and very happy new year, Tamara! Onward!

Catherine Berry (But you are in France, Madame) said...

Rhubarb is always worth getting excited about. All the best for 2018.

Mae Travels said...

Good times in the future -- I hope your plans and expectations are royally rewarded and fulfilled! Happy 2018.

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

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