Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Singapore weekend

 I'm reflecting on the past and taking time to recover and prepare for the next journey of my life by taking a holiday. This time, I'm enjoying a trip with some great friends. However, holidaying with others opens up both new experiences  and challenges. Im enjoying both..

My friends have joined my partner & I in singapore for a few days, so weve be creating an itinerary to suit all. So we've been to the botanic gardens (my choice), and to have breakfast with the Orangutans at the Zoo, and to see a light show at Marina Bay.. each experience different and exciting.

Breafast with th Orangutans (my friends choice to add to itinerary)  was very touristy, as we sat down to a smorgasbord of Macdonalds quality french toast, waffles, eggs & terrible coffee with 100 other families. The Orangutans sat on a timber perch while individuals & families lined up in front of them for photos.

I had imagined something more like being seated in a location where we could watch them in their own space while they also had breakfast... more natural...

Visiting the other animals in their enclosures also came with mix of awe & wonder, distress & concern. But who cant love a meerket??
 The National Orchid garden is in the Botanic gardens and is just amazing. The garden designs and the 1000s of varieties are just beautiful.
 Singapore has the most amazing gardens, and I can get lost in them for hours.... but apparently its not everyones cup of tea..
Our final night in singapore with friends was celebrated with a boat cruise and a light  show. This was not on my itinerary but so glad i was convinced to do it.. the light show came with music, smoke, laser lights & fountains. It was thrilling, and (even the costly price tag for the boat) well worth the time.

Now for the next phase of the journey, my partner & i are heading off to Nepal fora few weeks... a very different adventure.


Jeanie said...

I love that you went to Singapore for the weekend. That seems so far away and exotic! Of course, it's all a matter of geography -- my few days in Canada sounds far (and Quebec was about 1000 miles away) but Canada itself is about three hours! You did wonderful things -- I'm glad you did the boat ride (I would have needed convincing too but seeing it, nope! In a heartbeat!) and the gardens look amazing. And you're right -- who doesn't love a meerkat?!

Tamara said...

Yes, it does sound exotic, but really singapore is but one of the stepping stones out of Australia. It helps break up what is usually a long trip to anywhere elses. Singapore is a great place for tourists because they make it so easy to get around, and they have world class attractions. Despite having been there a few times, i still havent done all there is to do. Its a must go back place for me.

Brona Joy said...

Love meerkats xo

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