Monday, July 31, 2017

Paris in July 2017 ...... the Finale!

Here it is, the final few days of Paris in July 2017. Its been a delightful month of dedicated posts to many different things we all love of Paris, Franch and French culture. I regret that I have not had enough time to visit all of your posts, or to have even read the books on my TBR pile... but I know many of you have had a chance to visit and support each other during this blogging event.

So as the sunsets on the Eiffel Tower, I'm going to invite final reviews, commentaries or "best of" posts....  you could nominate another bloggers post as one of the best, or review a series of posts, or even post a link to one from the past. I will hope to get some time to do a few visits this week.. 


Becky said...

I didn't finish Les Miserables. But I did get halfway through! I meant to share a posts of quotes from the first half, but didn't quite accomplish that. One of my favorite quotes, "To be lost in thought is not to be idle. There is visible work and invisible work."

Tamara said...

Ah yes... invisible work.. that describes so much.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful event! I'm not sure I could have made it through this summer without Paris in July.