Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Farewell my friend

Yesterday we said farewell to our friend and beloved companion. 
Jindii Mirrii

We rescued her and loved her 
She rescued us and loved us
We know she is now in peace
But will be missed 

When we picked her up at the shelter, she was timid and shy. She came home as a companion for our aging Pepper. She was named by an Aboriginal friend of ours. Jindii Mirrii meaning sister dog. She truly was a sister for Pepper. She came out of her shell, and developed her own style .. while remaining slightly quirky... was an ever present companion. 


Mardi Michels said...

Sending you so much love and many hugs. Sounds like Jindii had a wonderful life XO

Mel u said...

Having never gotten over the passing of my beloved cat, Mr. C, at almost twenty, five years ago, I know how this hurts. My condolences

Tamara said...

Thankyou Mardi & Mel U.. i appreciate the kindness.

Rebecca Shann said...

They always stay in your heart xo

Jeanie said...

Oh Tamara, I'm so sorry -- they are our children, these pets of ours. She has such a sweet face. And I can tell that you gave her a good life. It will take a long while to heal but that's because we love them so.

Tamara said...

Thankyou Rebecca aand Jeanie. You are both so right. I appreciate the power of time, and have very much appreciated the support of lovely friends.