Saturday, July 23, 2016

Paris in July - Week 3 Links

 This is my lazy post.. or as my mum would say.. a busy lady's post.
I'm sorry I cant be more involved in this years Paris in July 
I am loving the posts I get to read in those moments in between other commitments 
Thank You.
For me, July is about Le Tour.
and especially the mountains... I love the mountains.
these photo's are from our 2011 trip.
 In 2011 I rode up Mt Ventoux and ever since I've loved to watch this stage of the tour
sadly this year the wind prevented the stage going all the way to the top
however it was still an exiting stage end with it's own controversies..
 I've really been enjoying some of the variety of posts I've been reading this year
I was reminded of this dog photo I took one year in Paris when I read the post on Pets in Paris
I love that pets are so welcomed in Paris 
(although I think Parisians should take more responsibility for the mess).
 I'm currently reading Paris Light by Moira McCarthy
and in her memoirs of walking through Paris, she reminded me of
the Luxembourg Gardens, and the time my partner and I enjoyed summer days there.
So, here's to summer in Paris, Pets, memories, and gardens!

You can post your Week 3 Paris in July posts here and use the comments for conversations. Thanks to Mel for seeding the question last week about the most influential women of the 20th C on Paris Culture - it was concluded that Coco Chanel was!
PS I've tried to keep the paricipants list in the right hand bar up to date - let me know if I haven't got you there.


Catherine Berry(But you are in France, Madame) said...

For us, too, we love July for the Tour. Extra special when you can walk to see it go by.

Lory said...

Lovely pictures and memories. Thank you for sharing!

Ally said...

I love the pics, they remind me of so many aspects noticed in my travels through France and Paris :)

Mel u said...

A question for this week, what is your favorite set in Paris movie, mine is Ninotchka, starring Greta Garbo and Melvin Douglas, 1939

Paulita said...

Yes, my July is swept up in the Tour de France too, although this year I have been too busy to enjoy it as I should. On Mondays, during July and the rest of the year, I have a Dreaming of France meme. Hope everyone will stop by and continue the Paris in July love throughout the year.
Today, I'm writing about why I fell in love with France. Why is the story connected to ex-boyfriends?

Carolyn B said...

Lovely post. I've just ordered Moira McCarthy's book - looks great and am looking forward to it! Thanks for the reference.

Cheers from the UK.

Moira McCarthy said...

I am so excited to see my book 'Paris Light' mentioned here. It is wonderful that my journey can be shared with others who have a passion for Paris and French culture.