Monday, January 18, 2016

Pause.... Breathe.... Focus

Loving Summer
Spending time with Friends (who keep me honest!)
Enjoying Traditions
In Awe of amazing women who find their own focus and stay true....

Following a kind a busy Christmas Break, I returned to work for two weeks knowing I would be having this  little break now. I'm in South Australia for a week to enjoy, watch and take in the Cycling at Tour Down Under. This is a tradition for my partner and I. We catch up with friends, have belated Christmas gatherings with family, and lap up the festivities. 

But this is also a wonderful opportunity, while I'm away from my own chores and tasks, to reflect on the year to come and the year I want. I've been following my blogging friends as they launch into the new year, and I'm in awe of some amazing blogging women who have set their focus and started on their actions. Kate at Fox's Lane set her goal to post every day in January - she's amazing. She writes about life on the farm and their gardening, parenting, family fun and other wholesome things. I've been in awe of her daily commitment - and how she doesn't bore us. Brydie at CityHippyFarmGirl has launched her new focused website Brydie Piaf - her photographic stories are inspirational. Ellie at An Emergent Life has been sharing her journey and inspiring me to think about mine.

So, I'm cleaning up my blog as a symbolic step to cleaning up generally. I'm looking for a new focus in almost every aspect of my life... I'm trying to be honest to myself about whats really important. I'm keen to focus on some of Ellies advice from An Emergent Life and be Mindful.

I'll be back soon... with some focus :)

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Jeanie said...

I just posted my goals and my "word of the year" was a few days ago. January gets you in that mode, doesn't it? I need that gentle framework. The earth won't stop if I don't follow through but it will be better for all if I do.

The Tour Down Under -- sigh. We are all starved for bike racing here in the frozen north. I'm reading the book Gironimo (very good but I'm only in the first chapter), just to get my "fix!"