Sunday, September 6, 2015

Interest in Indian Literature

Very soon I hope to visit these girls again. They live in a remote village in Tamil Nadu India. I have been visiting for the past 8 year, watching them grow up, learn English, gain confidence in their studies and develop dreams of their own. Some of these girls had a difficult start to life, commencing work from as young as 4 years old. Most have come from very disadvantaged families. Yet through the accelerated learning program at the KGBV primary school, they are catching up and, in many cases, far outreaching their parents and siblings learning achievements. If you would like to join me in supporting these girls - check out my charity information on the top right of my home page.

So if I get to go to India soon, I could be there for up to 6 weeks. Quiet nights in the village mean lots of reading time (especially if there's a power outage). So I've started downloading my books. Along with my JLC reading list, I've got some Indian Literature also.

I have read many Indian novels in the past, never disappointed. Do you have any recommendations? 


mel u said...

Rohinton Ministry is a great writer. His A Fine Balance is just wonderful. I recommend anything by R. K. Narayan.

Tamara said...

Thanks for the recommendations mel. I look forward to reading these.

Jeanie said...

I never have read any Indian novels, although I've been deep into the old series "The Jewel in the Crown" and anticipating "Indian Summer," both set during the Raj. My dad was in service in India during WWII and I treasure his book of photos and only wish we'd talked more about it while he was still alive.

I'm so glad you are planning to return. I hope all goes well with the plan; I know this place means a great deal to you.

On another note (I should email this!) thanks for your comment on Rick's bike blog and the bad design. I can't agree more. It's some weird bike site where people log their rides and it's mostly for bike folk. But it is ugly as sin! I have taken his posts and copied them into a blogger format which is linked on the right rail of my blog ( I think you'd probably seen all that he's done although he's been revising some of them. Soon I'll be posting his Ottawa one. Hopefully it will be a little more appealing. The other couldn't be less so!

anojros said...

Good post .. charity in India