Sunday, March 29, 2015

et voila! The French Film Festival c'est fini!

 Still one of my favourite places at the end of a working week!
 Sunset at Lake Macquarie.

I knew March was going to be a month of madness for me when I signed up for 8 French Films at the Alliance Frances Film Festival, on top of already being signed up for a weekend course for my voluntary role in the State Emergency Services, and entering the Loop the Lake cycling event (90km round our lake). I said no to alot of things this past month, but perhaps not enough..

Still I made it to the end with a smile on my face. Friday night I got off the train from my week in Sydney, to be greeted with a bottle of bubbly, picnic basket and a trip to the Bay for free music in the park. Now that's what I call coming home. 

I can now report that I did very well on my bike ride, I am still pretty chuffed with my results. I like to get a PB every now and again - it makes all that training worth while. 

I can also report that I made some time for socialising during mad March too. Last weekend I hosted a Moroccan Feast with some lovely friends. I enjoy the challenge of preparing something different for presentation, and I think it all turned out pretty well. I did

So now Mad March is  settling into Autumnal April, I will post soon on my recent reading and screening adventures. This includes an epic reading adventure of SE Hinton's novels, returning to Murakami, and Marion Halligan.

Easter next weekend is planned time for personal rejuvenation, spiritual reflection and rejoining with my loved ones locally.

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Jeanie said...

Tamara, I am blown away by how intense your month has been and thrilled that it went so well. Your feast looks wonderful and I can't imagine how much fun it was to enjoy all the French film. Three cheers on doing well on your ride! Sounds like a great way to end your summer!