Monday, October 27, 2014

School Reunion - hopeful or fearful?

Well, I'm going.
It's been a significant period of time since I left the school, but I decided to go back.
Last night when I sought my partners advice on what to wear, I soon discovered he was quite unsure about why I was really going to this event. His reaction has made me think more about the actual decision and hopes I might have for the up & coming event.

The comment was made 'What does it matter what these people think about what you're wearing, you haven't spoken to any of them since you left school?'

So what does it matter?
It doesn't matter at all. He's right - but he missed the point.... I really don't care about what I wear, but I am really nervous about the re-acquaintances, and meeting strangers that I'm connected to. re-

So what are my fears?
  • That I might re-enter my adolescent shy corner and not be accepted by the group
  • That I haven't 'made a success' of myself since that time
One the both points - the non acceptance of this group of past class mates will not break my soul. I am a grown woman who is confident in my skin and in my place in the world. I can confidently say I contribute to this world in a way I am proud of.

So what are my hopes?
I genuinely hope to reconnect with some of my closer class mates. I fear in the horrors of adolescence, and final year of a big part of our lives, we lost contact with each other for a range of different reasons. I hope that we still have some of those connecting fibres left to join us back together.

I am taking that gamble. Flying interstate, hiring a car, and staying with my families old neighbour (almost a stranger) in order to see if my hopes can be realised.

If they are not - what is lost - some cash and some time!

I will not break, I will not be bruised by what ever happens on Saturday night, because I am strong, confident and proud. 

Of course there are many other reasons to go back... Its beautiful wine country.


Jeanie said...

I suspect you will have a wonderful (and perhaps revealing) time regardless of the reunion, its participants and all. It looks like beautiful country and I suspect you will find it to be a wonderful and interesting time. And as you said, does it really matter? Probably not in the big scheme of things. But it should be a good time!

Brona Joy said...

I hope it went well & that you rediscovered the good things about your youth. Events like this can be useful for highlighting all the decisions you've made since then to be the person you are now.

It's a journey back in time, through the layers of the self.

I'm waxing so poetical, as this w/e were in Mr Books home time for his first school reunion in 30 yrs! We've driven the boys by his childhood home & school, caught up with our niece & walked up and down the Main Street reliving old memories.
It's a curious time.

Enjoy, reflect, remember & move on :-)
And in your case, pick up a nice case of wine while you're there!!

Tamara said...

Well, I recovered! It was a fabulous experience - and one I just couldn't have imagined. I'll post a little about it soon. Thanks the encouragement my friends, and for those who rang and texted me.... I really appreciated and called up your support on the day!

Mae Travels said...

You make me see why I've never gone to a school reunion!

I meant to mention to you that I did a post on my small collection of Australian cookbooks recently, here:

best... mae