Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Green Walls

I was scrolling through my Pulse stories this morning, and saw an amazing Green Wall. It was so Inspiring that when I got home tonight I did a little search about Green Walls. They've gained some momentum in recent years for a couple of good reasons.
Green roofs and walls are increasingly being built to provide ecosystem services and multiple social and economic benefits. This is a rapidly growing industry with increasing levels of government policy, investment and guidelines providing incentives for green roof and wall construction.
 I grew up in an unconventional home, in fact it was a converted chook shed. However, in the middle of the house we had a tree - the telephone hung on the tree, and dad had cut a seat in the tree also. But I seem to have been attracted to the idea of involving green into living spaces.

We think our cities need more green spaces. Not the colour green, but plant-life green. Plants everywhere, growing on walls of car parks, inside office buildings, along laneways, on rooftops.
We want to Junglefy our cities.
We think plants can provide a multitude of benefits to our cities. Visually they are beautiful, they take in toxins and pollutants and in return cool and clean the air, introduce wildlife corridors, reduce the heat island effect, control storm water and reduce energy consumption by providing thermal mass. [from here]

I love urban spaces with green walls, but I'm also really interested in the idea of edible walls. Weather it's using a small space in a small yard, or weather it's just about having an edible wall, I'm intrigued. I am playing with the idea of the green wall in the bathroom.
I haven't yet designed the idea of a bathroom wall, but I think I will start to collect ideas for a herb wall on my back veranda. If anyone has had any success with green walls - Id love to hear about it. If you have seen an awesome green wall somewhere - share it here.

Mayo Clinic


Jeanie said...

I love the green spaces you shared. I remember seeing quite a few in Paris -- wonderful green foliage on the walls in busy city streets. I thought 'what a respite.' (Although with Paris' abundant parks, one needn't go too far for a dose of green!) Still, it is beautiful and wonderful. Thanks for sharing all these!

Brona Joy said...

I've seen some wonderful vertical gardens using succulents in our area, but I love the idea of a herb one too.

You would need to be able to water a herb one more often and easier than many of the ones I've seen in real life.

There's a new building complex going up on the corner of Broadway in Sydney called Central Park. It's using new and old features & lots of environmentally sustainable ones - one of the new buildings has a green wall (see my other blog, Four Seasons for some recent pics I took of it).

There would be plenty of DIY sites showing you how to make your own vertical garden bed - good luck!